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After sneaking glances of male bodies for years, I have embarked on a Journey of discovering how to photograph male nude bodies with the love and care they deserve.

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29th December 2011



In my wanderings around the net I happened upon the work of a photographer from the Netherlands who photographed people dressed and undressed in essentially the same pose. This idea caught my fancy. Probably because for years I have been undressing men with my imagination. (I would love to post a link to his work here, but I can’t find it now. I will post a link when I do.)  

Anyway dressed and nude has become a staple of my work. I usually show a model an example of an image and then we try to make one. This surprisingly seems a great ice breaker with models. The focus, so to speak, is on the technical aspect of trying to get the pose to exactly match seem to move us away from the possible embarrassment of being nude. It is not easy to create a good dressed/undressed image. 

During the Photoshop process of working on the images to make them match, at least in scale, I also discovered another fund variation on the theme by creating what I call X-ray images.  There are a few blogs on tumblr that concentrate of this theme:


Below are reblogged a few of the images from my Gallery Dressed Undressed at Deviantart (